Stefano Ollino

“Loves also the thorns if you want to cultivate roses.”
Designer and Co-Founder of DORODESIGN, class '86, BA Industrial Design at the Istituto Europeo di Design Torino (I.E.D. Torino) whit special interest
in the eld of furniture and product design.
Developing his thesis project with Brionvega, and instructor Paolo Trevisan,
Chief Designer of Pininfarina Extra Design. His first work experience, only a few months after graduating, brought him to Xiamen, China collaborating with the Solex Co. where he designed and developed a line of electronic faucets that would be presented the international IF Design Award China 2009 and the RED DOT Design Award 2010. Directly after reentering Italy he starts various collaborations with United S.r.l., a marketing and communication agency. During these experiences he developed, thanks to the guidance of Dr. Umberto Sturchio the agencies founder, outstanding
entrepreneurial and public relations skills , that allow him to work swiftly in different creative fields (web, graphic & furniture design), until finally arriving to the realization of his dream: opening an independent studio under the name DORODESIGN. From 2011 he develops academic experiences at I.E.D. Torino as Presentation and Representation Techniques Professor. In July 2012 he holds beside Dario Olivero a seminar about the
Italian Lifestyle at XMUT (Xiamen University of Technology).