SOLUX Flag Ship Store

The Flagshipstore Solux in Xiamen is an emotional exhibition space, where it's possible to find domestic feelings. 
Kitchens and Bath spaces are shown like real home room, with furniture, accessory and daily life object.
The space is divided in differents areas in order to create a path through the designs. 
The showroom is characterized by four materials: resin for the floors, wood for the convivial areas, the black and white plaster that represents the brand’s colors, and the concrete colums: original material of this element, to express the sense of purity. 
The ceiling is hide in black to give attention to the products.
At the center of showroom there is a raised area, named “island” with an office and a Vip area.


Prodotto: Showroom
Cliente: Solux
Location: Xiamen, Cina
Status: Completato
Anno: 2012

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