Sedia3 (or Chair3, translated from Italian) was conceived as a modern piece of furniture that neatly folds flat.
In a few simple movements, this three-legged chair can be transformed from threedimensional to a twodimensional object. Lifting the seat surface from the rear and pushing it towards the front releases the legs and the central crosspieces. Then, the chair can be folded flat. No tools are required. This space saving chair is made with wood, with the exception of the rear metallic pivot pin. It can be hung (on the wall for example) by the hook that is cut into the back of its spine. 
Sedia3 has been awarded with the Red Dot Design Award winner 2013 in Singapore.


Costumer: Dorodesign
Location: Turin, Italy
Description: Three legged folding chair Materials: Wood and iron backside axis
Status: Work in progress

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Red Dot Award Winner 2013