Orologio cucù Town

Italy is a country with major cities but also, and above all, with small towns, picturesque villages rich in history, culture and unique landscapes. It is precisely these perspectives by which the designers were inspired by to give life to Town, a wall cuckoo clock that recalls the skyline of a small town with some two-storey houses with sloping roofs and a bell tower. All of it was rendered iconic, represented in a simple and material way, linear and immediate. Three volumes, made of painted wood (one black and the rest white) with different depths and heights, liven-up the village. The elements lie on 'land', on a white-painted wooden shelf, which extends beyond the bell tower, like the fields beyond the inhabited center. In this way it is possible to use Town as a vanity tray or coin tray as well. Town is, therefore, a tribute to the lesser-known places of Italy, made of simple landscapes and great charm. A light sensor automatically turns off the cuckoo sound in the absence of light.


Costumer: Progetti srl
Location: Monza , Italy
Description: Cuckoo clock
Materials: Wood
Status: For sale

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Acquista su: PROGETTI