30 UNDER 30

30 faces, 30 designers, 30 personalities, 30 talents: pens, paper, machines, objects, photos, scenes, concepts...
3 common denominators: the city of TORINO, the CREATIVITY and the fresh- ness of being UNDER 30. 
Torino as a starting point for the book: all of the colors present in the volume are indeed connected to the city; some by birth, some by growth and some by choice. 
Torino, a city tired of being hidden behind its industrial grey mask for which it has so long been covered.
Creativity in all its form and expressions, from Street Art to Industrial Design, Photography to Fashion Design, Automotive to Handcraft and Graphic Design to Advertising. 
Under 30, to give visibility to those that for various reasons don’t have possibility to emerge and have their name known as this book will. 
30 UNDER 30 is a display, a work instrument, a way to show ones art. 
“One can resist the invasion of an army but one cannot resist the invasion of ideas.” Victor Hugo 


Location: Turin, Italy
Description: graphic project of a design book
Status:  For sale
Photo credit: Lumen Bigott, Dani Photo Design

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30 UNDER 30
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Foto: Lumen Bigott, DaniPhotoDesign